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disability respite care - guest 1

I Am Haylee

Haylee is happy.

It’s an infectious kind of happy that bubbles up with her laughter, wraps you in its warmth and makes you happy too.  It feels good just to be around her. No doubt that’s why she has so many friends.

Among the many things that make her happy are chocolate milkshakes, Cherry Ripes, Maccas, going to the movies and tenpin bowling with her family. 

She’s into music, too, and thinks Justin Bieber is pretty cool, especially his more recent material; the older stuff not so much.

Haylee’s very social, loves going to school, enjoys shopping at Charlestown Square and spends way too much time on Facebook chatting with her boyfriend.

disability respite care - guest 2

I Am Sarah

Sarah moves to her own beat.

Whether it’s bopping to a favourite tune on her iPod or owning the stage at the local karaoke night, she’s plugged into fun and always happy to perform.

She lives with her mum on 20 tranquil acres in the Lower Hunter Valley, which might account for her easygoing attitude to life.

But there’s a tough side as well.  When she noticed that the platform at her local railway station was dangerous for passengers with a disability, Sarah took the issue to the local paper and eventually State Parliament.

She won.

Independent, always friendly and keen to stay fit, she loves socialising at one of her favourite cafes after her daily visit to the gym, where she earns her strawberry milkshake with a solid circuit session.

Although she’s definitely not a drama queen, Sarah exercises her creative side with acting lessons at the Maitland Repertory Theatre. 

disability respite care - guest 3

I Am Brian

Brian is a man of few words.

He’s more of an action man, preferring to get stuck in and get things done. 

It can be a bit exhausting for those around him, but when Brian takes something on, it’s all in, no half measures.

He takes that same attitude to the pool and the gym where he works out regularly with one of his sons, a personal trainer. In fact, he’s so keen on staying in shape that he brings his dumbbells along on his stays at I Am Here.

Cars are Brian’s lifelong passion and he has a real soft spot for Fords. He gets together once a month with a group of car restoration enthusiasts, enjoying the company and camaraderie of like-minded rev heads.

A perfectionist by nature, he’s also a bit of a larrikin who gets a kick out of being teased, is always up for a laugh and adores his family, especially his new grandson.

disability respite care - guest 4

I Am Ray

Ray likes to put his good arm to good use.

He puts it up to do what he can at the Raymond Terrace Men’s Shed, where he volunteers, works to re-learn old woodworking skills and hangs out. He also volunteers for the HMRI’s ground-breaking Stroke and Brain Injury Research programmes. He is up for pretty much anything that keeps him active and engaged.

Ray’s a ‘use it or lose it’ guy. He enjoys walking, riding his recumbent bike, reading, researching stuff on the net, and visiting art galleries. He’s a bit of a movie buff, too, with tastes that run to most genres

He’s proud of his teenage son’s basketball and guitar playing skills. But, like countless other parents, Ray still hasn’t figured out how to get him to spend a little less time on video games.

An expat Canadian, Ray’s first sporting love is ice hockey, his favourite team the Vancouver Canucks. He supports our Newcastle North Stars too, and likes to time his stays at I Am Here so that he can catch a home game at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium.

Thanks to his Darwin-born wife and her family, he’s also an AFL fan, diplomatically supporting both Collingwood and Carlton to keep most extended relatives happy.

Ray’s life goals are to keep improving in everything he does, to travel more, and to be more physically involved in family activities. He wants to eventually return to his other loves, kayaking and jogging.

disability respite care - guest 5

I Am Kynan

Kynan looks at the world a bit differently.

Maybe that’s why not everyone gets his offbeat sense of humour, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of having a good laugh.

An active guy by nature, he’s happiest when he’s outdoors – swimming, walking, visiting the beach or just hanging out in the backyard. He’s a bit of a gym junkie, too, working out regularly with the help of his carer to make sure he stays in good shape.

His other favourite pastimes are shopping and eating out, and you’ll often find him socialising at local café’s where he likes to indulge in the odd coffee or two…or three… or four.

During footy season, Kynan’s glued to the radio listening to rugby league, especially when his favourite team the St George Dragons, are playing. A diehard fan, he reckons their next premiership win is only a matter of time.

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