David - guest

"I enjoy coming to I Am Here. It gives me a break away from the area I live in and, more importantly, it gives my wife some respite. I think it's really important that carers get a break, too.

I like the fact that we get a choice of activities. My favourite thing was the drag racing. What a great day out!

The CSW's really look after me and the other guests. They treat us with kindness and respect. I always feel very welcome here."


Sarah - guest

"I love it here. I like going shopping and out for lunch and walks by the lake and the beach. We have a lot of fun."


Kerrie - carer

"I can’t speak highly enough of I Am Here.

The relationship I’ve built with the staff is very important to me. They know and understand my situation completely and, most importantly, they know and understand Brian and his needs.

It’s just so easy dealing with them; I have complete confidence that Brian is in great hands during his stays here.

Knowing that they've got my back gives me real peace of mind."


Sharon - carer

"This is a great place. It feels like being in a holiday resort.

Kynan really enjoys his stays here. It’s always a bit of an adventure for him because he gets to hang out with other people and do a lot of things that are different to his usual routine at home. The rooms are comfortable, the food's great and he has a lot of fun.

When I drop him off I know he'll be very well looked after. That means I can enjoy my break without worrying about him.

I Am Here is a much-needed community resource for families like ours."


Maureen - carer

"We've had a long association with the house and all I can say is that it's excellent. The recent renovations have made it an even better place to stay.

Matt really loves coming here for the companionship and activities and it's a well-earned break for me as well.

The staff are wonderful, very caring. I have complete trust in them.

Matt's never been unwell in all his time here, but I never have to worry because I know their procedures can cope with any emergency."


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